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Do You Need Medicare Supplement Insurance?

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a health insurance program for people 65 years of age or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), (people with permanent kidney failure who need dialysis or a transplant). Medicare was signed into law in 1966.

Medicare coverage consists of two parts: Hospital Insurance (Part A) that pays for inpatient hospital stay, care in a skilled nursing facility, home health care, and hospice care. Medical Insurance (Part B) that helps pay for doctors'services, outpatient care, and other medical services that are not covered by Part A.

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) is sold by private insurance companies to fill the "gaps" in Original Medicare Plan coverage. There are ten standardized policies, labeled Plan A through Plan J. Medigap policies only work with the Original Medicare Plan.

For more information about Medicare health plans call us today at: (202) 296-8614 in the Washington, DC metro area, or 1-800-964-8614. Or log on to:

Ask your State Health Insurance Assistance Program about today's MEDIGAPs.

Then let PaulBalep help you buy yours.




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