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PaulBalep will continue to grow by developing mutually beneficial business relationships, using traditional and nontraditional methods of distribution, we will choose alternatives that are:

- Focused on meeting the client's needs.
- Structured to deliver our services in an effective manner.

We want these business relationships to benefit the client, the representative and PaulBalep. And therefore, expect to compensate the representative reasonably for the marketing tasks performed.

When you give your clients what they want, the word gets around.

Today there are more than a quarter million PaulBalep clients living in DC, MD, VA and we're the fastest-growing Employee Benefits Independent Consultant in the greater Washington area.

Fast-growing, indeed. It took us 5 years to accumulate our first profit in assets. Today, we're over profit and growing - and that's in a market that has been charitably described as "very challenging" and "fiercely competitive".

Asset growth, profit margins and other financial results are, of course, vitally important. An organization can achieve long-term financial success, however, only by consistently satisfying its clients. We sell or serve our products to clients, they expect the highest quality and superior service and depend on us to contribute to the success of their businesses. That means doing what PaulBalep has been doing since 1988: focusing on the financial needs of the real people and helping them successfully meet the challenges that face them.

To ensure that PaulBalep continues to prosper, we've instituted an organization-wide Continuous Quality Improvement program based on the concepts of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, father of the Japanese economic revolution.

In every department, teams of consultants work on making procedures more efficient and responsive to our clients' needs. Extensive cross-training enables our consultants to handle a client inquiry from start to finish. The goal: to meet or exceed our clients' expectations. If that takes breaking the mold and doing things in a new way, we break the mold.



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