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Do You Need Disability Insurance?

Your Health is Your Wealth

How much of your income could you afford to be without?
Without Disability Income Protection, it is possible that your annual income could be ZERO!
The odds of becoming disabled are extremely high. Think about it.

If you can't work, how will you get an income?

Your Savings…Even if you saved 10 percent of your income each year, you could easily deplete 10 years of savings in just one year, if you became disabled. How long will your savings last?

Borrow…Who is going to lend money to a disabled person?

Your Spouse's Earnings…For how long could your spouse's income alone support your family? And for how long could your family survive the strain of your disability?

Liquidate Assets…Is there a guarantee you would get full market value for your assets? And, why would you want to liquidate your assets?

Monthly Expense Worksheet…

You will always incur these expenses regardless of your ability to pay:

Mortgage/Rent $________________
Food $________________
Utilities $________________
Medical/Dental Bills $________________
Insurance Premiums $________________
Education $________________
Child Care $________________
Credit Card Payments $________________
Entertainment $________________
Other $________________

Total monthly expenses $

With a Disability Protection plan you will be able to meet these expenses…even if you become sick or hurt and unable to work. Ask PaulBalep representative how you can be certain that your income will be protected, even if illness or injury keeps you from your job.



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