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We believe in partnership

Our client is an individual, not a number-a person who:

- values the simple, understandable, not the latest frills.
- Understands the concept of good long-term value.
- Appreciates the value of good quality service.

We have a moral obligation to treat them in a responsible fashion - to make our services work for them.

The range of products and services that brokerage firms provide is important. But equally important is your firm's attitude toward your insurance and financial affairs.

At PaulBalep, we look at the big picture and apply long-term strategic thinking. In other words, we build partnerships that last: partnerships based on personal service, mutual confidence and prosperity.

PaulBalep is a Washington based organization that sells a wide range of financial services to individuals, organizations, corporations and municipalities.

PaulBalep's clients base is built through cold callings procedure and seminars. PaulBalep has also conducted very successful direct mail campaigns in the Washington metropolitan area. The campaigns have yielded a high volume of new business prospects.

What sets PaulBalep apart from many other financial network of companies firms is the fact that the firm carefully assesses each client's financial needs, and makes recommendations based on a thorough review of their overall financial picture.

PaulBalep is on the threshold of a significant leap in growth, and will continue to generate even more business for a public relations campaign.



Understand My Business 1

Clients expect us to learn and to know their business and their industry; they expect us to become better able to identify risk issues over time. In addition, clients clearly look to us to ask probing questions so as to reveal their wants and issues of concern to them.

Form A Partnership With Me 2

We’re expected to treat clients as carefully as we treat our prospects; we’re expected to work closely with the client to accomplish mutual objectives. But clients want more than that. They want us continuously to improve the impact of that partnership by adapting to each other’s changing needs and wants. They want PaulBalep to build ever higher levels of trust and candor.

Advise, Don’t Just Sell 3

Clients expect us to provide excellent, cost-effective insurance and financial services and to harness our market knowledge and clout for their benefit. At the same time, clients - again and again - want us to listen first, and then to offer them advice and counsel. And they want us to develop innovative, relevant solutions for them.

Offer A Team Of Quality People 4

Clients expect a strong relationship with their primary account manager. They expect us to possess solid skills and to demonstrate a deep commitment to them. Beyond that, clients want PaulBalep to serve them through a team of Quality people - a team that brings together the needed resources and expertise to offer ideas and solutions.

Pay Attention To The Day-To-Day 5

Today’s clients expect us to respond promptly to their needs, to have a real sense of urgency. They expect us to deliver relevant, accurate, and timely products. They expect us to keep them informed of pertinent market developments. In addition, what clients want is that we anticipate what’s needed and that we know why it’s needed.

“It pays to shop around with PaulBalep. Your one stop shop for insurance and financial services”

Whether you’re an organization of one or 5000, PaulBalep will work with you to create a workplace insurance and financial services solution that is right for you. For more information, and to set up a meeting to discuss your insurance and financial goals:

Please call us toll-free 1-800-964-8614. Visit us online at, or e-mail us at

<<Independence is number one>>. We are nonexclusive producers who represent an average of eight companies-not just one. PaulBalep can evaluate and compare the products of several fine companies to find you the right combination of coverage and value.



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